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Date & time

Sunday, August 25, 2019

7am: Help set up
7:45am: Registration opens
8:15am: Warm up & Captains meeting
8:30am: Team photos
8:45am: Play ball


Glenmore Athletic Park
5300 19 St. SW, Calgary
(next to Stu Peppard Arena)

To play: A $25 reg fee (non-receipted) PLUS a minimum of $100 fundraised per person and a minimum $2,000 fundraised per team


To get started, create your personal fundraising page, start a team or join a team. Then reach out & fundraise with help from your friends and family.

Top Fundraisers:

Cal Goldberg $2,441.87
Aaron Bickman $2,020.97
Jason Gurevitch $738.25
Tevie Lipton $498.79
Jacob Gurevitch $476.40
Benjamin Grintuch $414.93
Jana Frydberg $363.98
Glenn Solomon $360.00
Rachel Blanchard $356.60
Jonathan Thomas $249.36
Number of participants: 79
Ball Kvetchers $2,935.16
Maccabees $2,814.51
Dead Precedents v.5 $2,696.97
Homerin' Hebz $2,020.95
Blue North $1,904.43
Matzah Ballers $810.68
Number of teams: 6
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Funds Raised
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